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Texas Holdem Rules



Before playing Texas Holdem, you must first learn the Texas Holdem rules. It is considered to be among the most spectacular and admired poker game in this world. You will get a number of options of playing Texas Holdem poker let it be on the web, or directly in the casino. This game is just reigning over the poker world. You must first learn the way to play this game. Let us discuss some of the most significant Texas Holdem Rules.


The Pre-flop

You must pay the forced bets even before the dealing of the cards. These forced bets are the big blinds and the small blinds. The small blind, at times is referred to as the little blind. You art making a bet, when some amount is put inside the pot during a round. This amount is the first money added to the pot.


The sum of both the blinds and the bets are previously set, and the small blind is fifty percent of the big blind. The position of the little blind is always next to the dealer button (left) and the big blind is positioned on the left side of the small blind. This paying prior to dealing is called ‘pre-flop’.


The Flop

If the dealer burns any card, it signifies they are dealing it in one side. That card will not be used in the game. Then 3 cards are kept face down on the table. The dealer will turn those 3 cards one by one. This system is called ‘flop’. All players are allowed to use these initial 3 cards from the 5 community cards, together with their respective pocket cards. This will help them to make a poker hand of great combination.


The Turn

The dealer will burn one more card and after that he will deal a 4th community card, which is known as ‘turn’. You will have to pass through one more betting round just after the occurrence of flop, by keeping the seat of the little blind Under the Gun (UTG).


Learn all these rules by heart, and apply them when you are on a real Texas Holdem table.


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