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How to Play Texas Holdem



Never proceed towards actual Texas Holdem Gaming without knowing how to play Texas Holdem. This is the most popular style of poker game and is played all around the world.


Once you will know how to play Texas Holdem, you will also be able to join the big community of Texas Holdem players from all around the globe.


Blinds in Texas Holdem

If you watch a Texas Holdem game minutely, you will find that the 2 consecutive players who are sitting at the left of the dealer button are putting out the blind bets. The player sitting just next to the dealer button is puts out little blind and the second player puts out a big blind. You will have to make a clear idea about the blinds before starting o play poker.

Every player will have to play two cards. The cards will be face down. These are named as pocket cards or hole. The action falls on you if you are sitting to the left of big blind.  You can call raise or fold according to your own wish.

Betting in Texas Holdem

Then the betting procedure continues all around the poker table in a clockwise manner. After the entire betting procedure is finished, 3 cards are made face up. These first 3 cards are known as ‘flop’. They are the community cards and all can use them when they want. This will help the player to have the hand of best combination. After the flop the betting procedure starts from the player sitting next to the dealer, he can either bet or check.  Then the turn card is dealt. The turn is the fourth card to be dealt.


Then after one more betting round, the concluding card, called river is made face up.  Then the final betting is performed. All the remaining poker players on the table show the cards belonging to them. The person with the best combination of cards wins.


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